Martin Linge FSO
February 18, 2019
Shtokman FPU
February 18, 2019

Sea Lion Field developement

Year: 2013-15

Field: Sea Lion

Shelf state: UK

Client: Premier Oil

Man-hours: 17 000

Scope: Feasibility studies, facility design and basic engineering


Feasibility Studies exploring 4 different FPSO concepts including both conversions and new built FPSO design

Design and basic engineering of a bespoke new build turret moored FPSO. BE engineering was responsible of all design and engineering work except for topside layout and topside modules. The FPSO was designed to accommodate for split hull and top-side construction contract.

Feasibility studies an FSO solution to be combined with a TLP. The studies included 5 design options, all based on a modified trading tanker design.

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