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May 13, 2020
Njord B FSU Life Extension, Engineering during construction
September 2, 2019

Njord B FSU Life Extension Detail Engineering

Njord B FSU Life Extension Detail Engineering

Year: 2017-

Field: Njord B + Fenja

Shelf state: Norway

Client: Statoil

Man-hours: 70 000 +

Scope: Detail Engineering and construction follow up


Detailed Engineering: Life extension, refurbishment and tie in project. Facility life will be extended from the original design life of 20 years to a total life of 40 years. Yard scope for refurbishment is limited to construction. Brevik Engineering’s role is to provide the complete technical basis for the yard scope at “detail engineering level”. Part of the project is to prepare for tie inn and export of oil from the new field (Fenja).


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